Uptown Dallas


October 2018

This mural was my second collaboration with Corinne Bizzle for Uptown Dallas Inc. at the Cedar Springs underpass of the Katy Trail. 

The historic trolleys in the Uptown district are icons in the area, so we brought one to life with the same bright color palette as our first mural on the opposite wall of the underpass.

The completed mural measures 60 feet wide by 25 feet high. The design incorporates the unique shape of the wall to give the trolley 3D perspective. 

Corinne and I painted it within a week of finishing "Meet Me In Uptown" the first in the series for this underpass.

We visited the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority trolley barn to get a closer look at the trolleys. We fell in love with Rosie after hearing her story, and decided that she would make a great mural, especially with the unique shape of the Cedar Springs underpass.

I really enjoyed working with Corinne for a second piece. We mixed our styles again and improvised a lot during the process.

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