Group Mural Workshops

Experience the joy of collaborative art with group mural workshops! These workshops bring people together to co-create vibrant, meaningful murals. Participating in this process is a dynamic and engaging way for communities, schools, and organizations to leave their artistic mark.

Bring Your Community Together

Whether you're a school, a neighborhood, or an organization, these workshops are designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and a sense of pride in the shared creation of art. It's an experience that goes beyond the finished mural – it's about building connections and making lasting memories.

The Creative Process

Participants kick off the mural by painting the initial layers, infusing their personal touch into the artwork. Then, Mari steps in to add the finishing touches, seamlessly blending individual contributions into a cohesive and visually stunning mural.

Details and Pricing 

Curious about bringing a Group Mural Workshop to your community or organization? Reach out to Mari at for more details and personalized pricing. We're excited to discuss how we can tailor this experience to suit your unique vision.

Discover the art of togetherness today! Browse below to see examples of past projects.

City of Garland

Together with the City of Garland, we created a permanent art piece that transcends individual contributions.

The finished mural is installed as a public art piece, and stands as testament to the collective spirit and diversity that makes Garland a vibrant community.

Children and adults were invited to participate in the creating of the first layers of this mural. Paint was applied with squirt guns and paint balloons to create a fun splatter effect.

After facilitating the community paint day, I returned to transform the community's layer into the finished design.

The final mural included individual shapes that showcased different areas of the community's contribution.

A close-up shot of the final mural.

Uptown Dallas

This community mural was installed in several public locations around Uptown Dallas during the pandemic. 

Each individual piece making up the larger pattern was created with the purpose of writing what community members are grateful for.

Over the course of a several months, the mural was filled in with gratitude from members of the community.

A close-up shot of the pieces that made up the mural design. By the end of this temporary installation, the entire mural was filled.

Lakewood Neighborhood

In the heart of the Lakewood Community, residents collaborated to create a mural that celebrates the essence of community and stands as a permanent landmark.

The community showed up for a painting day to create the first layers of the mural, with guidelines to show where to add their brushstrokes.

All ages, from children to adults were invited to share in the experience of creating this mural celebrating the community.

Willow Montessori School

For this project, the students of Willow Montessori School became the artists behind their own masterpiece. 

The students filled in the first layer of paint with their individual brushstrokes, and the final design was then refined to create individual pieces making up the larger pattern.

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