About Me

I'm Mariel Pohlman (a.k.a. @marpohl), a full-time artist, muralist, and illustrator. I work mainly with corporate clients to create custom commissioned artwork. I'm known for my large-scale custom murals, but I am equally passionate about my custom illustrations and the things people have been able to do with them. 

My past clients include Sylvan Thirty, Lyft, Heineken, Wal-Mart, Lime, Uptown Dallas, and the Common Desk. I make the process smooth and collaborative, listening to your ideas and brainstorming together (if you want!). My goal is to produce custom artwork that we can feel proud to have created together.

I don't just work with companies though! I often do commissioned paintings and illustrations, and even help with decor and invitations for weddings and special events.

Do you have a project for me?

E-mail me at [email protected]

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